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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur | Irlanda | Helpingnetworks

Do you want to start your project? Europe gives your chance!

At Helpingnetworks (HN) we are proud to be part of the European exchange programme for entrepreneurs (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs). We are one of the intermediate bodies chosen to develop this EU programme in Ireland, for us it is a great responsibility as it is our first experience, it is also a great challenge but we

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Coworking | Helpingnetworks

Eight basic rules for surviving in a coworking space

In the years I spent working for a startup I went through a huge number of ways of working. Most recently I work in co-working spaces, be it at Wayra in Buenos Aires or at the CMI in Santiago as part of the fifth generation of Start-Up Chile. Once I was able to overcome my

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Coworking | Helpingnetworks

Basic services that a coworking should provide

The basic services that a coworking space should provide, include: Individual office desk with enough space for a personal computer. Internet connection with high upload/download speed An ergonomic working environment with good lighting. Appropriate access and environment to the facilities. Basic services such as WC and kitchenette. Auxiliary printing and photocopying services. No matter where

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Coworking | Irlanda | Helpingnetworks

Do you know what coworking is?, this post will make it clear to you.

Coworking is not just a fancy or impersonal shared workspaces, coworking seeks to be a different way of working and creating relationships between companies and entrepreneurs. Although the information is something that is accessible to everyone, how it is shared and used is the difference in which coworking can be based. This is something that

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Noticias | Helpingnetworks

The first step is to just a step

For months or even years, you are preparing to throw, to do what your interior is alerting you that it is what you would really be happy. Instead, despite form you and participate in groups aimed at your goal, never you see it enough ready to do it?. Do you think that the first step

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