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Do you know what coworking is?, this post will make it clear to you.

Coworking is not just a fancy or impersonal shared workspaces, coworking seeks to be a different way of working and creating relationships between companies and entrepreneurs. Although the information is something that is accessible to everyone, how it is shared and used is the difference in which coworking can be based.

This is something that large companies do not have access to, as their rigid structures, due to competition between rivals, means that they do not share all the information.

It is a space where you can develop and walk the path you have chosen hand in hand with people like you: with your concerns, wishes to reach the point that you dream of and your struggle to explore that unknown path.

They are people and colleagues who, just by sharing their space, are contributing to your enrichment. They understand you because they have been through or are going through what you are going through. Dreaming of making their environment better and are happy to see you moving forward with them.

A coworking space, and ours in particular, seeks to share, grow up together, support each other, so on.

Up until now, I have told you about the most important things, now I will tell you about the other advantages of sharing space with enterprising professionals like you:

  1. In a coworking space, strong connections are also created on a professional level, because there can be opportunities to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects, where through collaboration you can tackle and develop a project that otherwise you would not be able to take on alone.
  2. The working environment can be similar to that of a company, with the difference that each of the members are independent and therefore there because they want to be. They are not co-workers but professional colleagues. This is the ideal environment for helping, learning, teaching, and therefore growing collectively.
  3. You have your workplace without having to deal with all the expenses of an office. Even though you might think you could do your work in a room at home, coworking helps you to separate your personal and professional life in a very simple way.
  4. Because you have a timetable, you go to your workplace and at that time you are focused on your projects. If you would be at home, a thousand and one tasks could arise that would absorb your time.
  5. Complementary activities. The coworking space nourishes itself with people who are eager to grow and even the leisure time that may arise continues to lead you on that path towards your dream.