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Ebook for entrepreneurship in Ireland

With the aim of supporting and supporting those who want to start a business in Ireland, Helpingnetworks has published an Ebook with information on how to start a business in Ireland. This information is also intended for those who are considering Ireland as a destination to work as a freelancer / freelance or employed.

The course content offers you basic information about Ireland, with updated data and the most relevant socio-economic magnitudes that you have to take into account if you want to start in Ireland and start your activity or business project in this country.

In addition to these data and basic information, we give you tips and guide you in the initial process of your business idea, our goal is to accompany you in the first steps in a basic way, without technicalities and with an affordable language so that your business project has guarantees of success in Ireland.

Finally, the guide contains a list of organizations and entities that can help you in the first steps as an entrepreneur in Ireland. Ireland is a country focused on the entrepreneur, so you will be able to find a multitude of resources, from training material, to seminars and business meetings, public and private financing, specific public bodies to support the entrepreneur, etc.

If you want to access our E-book, you can request it through our email and we will send it to the address you indicate. Email: info@helpingnetworks.com

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