Do you want to start your project? Europe gives your chance!

At Helpingnetworks (HN) we are proud to be part of the European exchange programme for entrepreneurs (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs). We are one of the intermediate bodies chosen to develop this EU programme in Ireland, for us it is a great responsibility as it is our first experience, it is also a great challenge but we face it with the same enthusiasm as the entrepreneurs to whom this programme is addressed, after all, to participate in this project for the first time is a way to undertake, as will the future entrepreneurs who decide to be part of this programme. HN is therefore the link between entrepreneurs and companies in Ireland for this exchange programme from February 2020.
The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a transnational exchange programme which offers new entrepreneurs and people who wish to set up a business the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who run small businesses in other participating countries.
The exchange of experiences takes place in the framework of stays with experienced entrepreneurs during which the new entrepreneurs can acquire the necessary skills to run a small or medium-sized company. The hosts benefit from a new perspective on their business and acquire the opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners or to get to know new markets.
Who is this programme for? 
New entrepreneurs who are seriously planning to set up their own business or have done so within the last three years.
Experienced entrepreneurs who own or manage a small or medium-sized business in the participating countries as partners.  
More information on how to participate in the programme here.
Your local contact point here.  
If you want to know first-hand about this experience, click on this link and you will be able to see the experience of a Spanish entrepreneur in Ireland. 

Helpingnetworks Blog


This is our weekly communication space, where you do get through articles information, tips and other material interesting for them co-workers and all it related to the universe co-working.

We'll give shape to content related to the coworking and everything related to this ecosystem's work. The Blog will have a single initial category which will be relative to this new formula of work-sharing space and ideas, and then we'll create more categories related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial in Ireland, news of economy and employment, etc.

This will also be a living space where we will be open to content and experiences made by users and partners alike, and that will give us an opinion different from the vision that we have from our Coworking space. Any advice will be well received and it is always rewarding to have the experiences of those who are embarked in business ventures.

Basic rules of behavior and use in a Coworking

unsplash workers laptops pequeñaBasic rules of behaviour in a Coworking, where the space is shared with more users and the rules of coexistence are indispensable part of day to day:

  1. Be social and cooperates with the rest. It is not just by pure self-interest, assist and cooperate will make you discover values that so far were hidden or subordinate to others such as competitiveness or competition. These spaces are often surprise you with brilliant people and new ideas, if you are installed on the housing and the rivalry, you'll only see enemies and lose opportunities for your business and personal growth.
  2. Obviously space is not a bar or a friends meeting space, although the rules are more flexible and coexistence is its strong must be respected not go beyond the physical space of the companion, and this includes space "ear and sound".
  3. Take care of the order of your space, be ordered in your space will not to waste time in having your table ready to go and get you going, some minimums are essential.
  4. Your peers are users of the space co-working, not are Secretaries personal yours. Try not to disturb your classmates with topics related to the logistics of space such as passwords, keys, phone, or office supplies. For all this you have to go to the responsible and staff of coworking space.
  5. In a space coworking is necessary to use headphones, so whether well because you work listening to music or your telephone conversations with your customers, it is essential to count on them.
  6. In the case of offices that allow sharing space for long time, it is convenient to get your own space, since that will prevent that you are continuously changing space and location. It is essential that your space is own and have your own habitat in coworking.
  7. Coworking permitting, it is good to use a group chat system to communicate with other users of the coworking.
  8. Finally and obviously have to respect the rules of the office, which are defined and established by the managers of coworking space.

Basic services to provide a co-working

unsplash laptops pequeñaBasic services that should provide a Coworking are as follows:

  1. Table individual firm with enough space for a personal computer.
  2. Connection to the internet with high speed up/down
  3. Environment of work ergonomically designed and with good lighting.
  4. Access and right to the facilities environment.
  5. Basic services such as toilet and small kitchen.
  6. Services auxiliary of printing and photocopying.

You know that is the co-working?, this post you it will clarify.

Fotolia 106647503 S

Coworking is not just a fad or are impersonal shared workspaces, coworking seeks to be a mode of work and relationship between the companies and entrepreneurs different. While information is something that is to access for all, the way that is shared and used is the difference which may be due the coworking.

Share business initiatives and personal as entrepreneurs, can be a tool that large companies do not have access, since their rigid structures by competition between rivals, made not to share the information.

It is a space where you can develop yourself and move forward on that path you have chosen in the hands of people like you; with your concerns, desires to dream far and you struggle daily for probing the unknown path.

Are people and companions that only by the fact of share your space you are enriching. You understand because have last or are passing by it same to you. They dream of their environment better and are happy to seeing you move forward with them.

Coworking, and ours in particular, seeks to share, grow together, support each other, etc.

Until now you have spoken of it more important, now you comment on other small advantages of sharing space with professional entrepreneurs as you:

  1. In a coworking space strong connections are also created professionally, since opportunities for collaboration in multidisciplinary projects, where through collaboration you can meet and develop a project that otherwise one could not assume may arise.
  2. The working environment can resemble a company, with the difference that each of the members are independent and therefore is there because they want it. They are not co-workers but professional colleagues.  It is an ideal environment to help, learn, teach, and therefore grow as a team.
  3. You have your place of work without having to front all the expenditure of one office. And although you could think that could make your work in a room of your House, the coworking you helps to separate your life personal and professional of a way simple.
  4. You have a schedule, go to your place of work, and during that time are focused on your projects. If you were at home there could be a thousand and one task that would absorb your time.
  5. Complementary activities. The coworking space thrives on people with desire for growth and even the leisure time that may arise you continues down that road that leads to your dream.

Would you like to participate in a space like this? Come and meet us.

The first step is to just a step

iphone-1280562 960 720

For months or even years, you are preparing to throw, to do what your interior is alerting you that it is what you would really be happy. Instead, despite form you and participate in groups aimed at your goal, never you see it enough ready to do it?. Do you think that the first step is crucial, very important to get it right, that just once to leave a good impression and every time you're dwarfing more. Everything to you around become best versions of your idea, your dream and these thoughts make to not finish never take the first step. Because the first step is the first step.

Have you ever thought what would happen if you just thought to take a small step?. Only that. Choose your path and just by looking at the place farthest from the road ahead. Smile at that distant point it fades into the horizon, history is unknown it but you know you want to see it more clearly.

If you want to get there, you will succeed. It will not matter if the way you stumble because something unexpected it has crossed in your path if for a few meters the path disappears if you are forced to change your route, you will see that point on the horizon and will go towards him.

Actually, although that point of the horizon is your goal, the way is what will make your target most valuable. Enrichment with the experiences you are having will make you grow and develop your confidence. And what before was you belittle now will make you strong, safe and trusted.

If you are afraid of that first step, visit us. Helpingnetworks was born as you, from the deepest, best desire and desire to be that hand that comes in your way to move forward with you.


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