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Coworking is not just a fad or are impersonal shared workspaces, coworking seeks to be a mode of work and relationship between the companies and entrepreneurs different. While information is something that is to access for all, the way that is shared and used is the difference which may be due the coworking.

Share business initiatives and personal as entrepreneurs, can be a tool that large companies do not have access, since their rigid structures by competition between rivals, made not to share the information.

It is a space where you can develop yourself and move forward on that path you have chosen in the hands of people like you; with your concerns, desires to dream far and you struggle daily for probing the unknown path.

Are people and companions that only by the fact of share your space you are enriching. You understand because have last or are passing by it same to you. They dream of their environment better and are happy to seeing you move forward with them.

Coworking, and ours in particular, seeks to share, grow together, support each other, etc.

Until now you have spoken of it more important, now you comment on other small advantages of sharing space with professional entrepreneurs as you:

  1. In a coworking space strong connections are also created professionally, since opportunities for collaboration in multidisciplinary projects, where through collaboration you can meet and develop a project that otherwise one could not assume may arise.
  2. The working environment can resemble a company, with the difference that each of the members are independent and therefore is there because they want it. They are not co-workers but professional colleagues.  It is an ideal environment to help, learn, teach, and therefore grow as a team.
  3. You have your place of work without having to front all the expenditure of one office. And although you could think that could make your work in a room of your House, the coworking you helps to separate your life personal and professional of a way simple.
  4. You have a schedule, go to your place of work, and during that time are focused on your projects. If you were at home there could be a thousand and one task that would absorb your time.
  5. Complementary activities. The coworking space thrives on people with desire for growth and even the leisure time that may arise you continues down that road that leads to your dream.

Would you like to participate in a space like this? Come and meet us.