unsplash workers laptops pequeñaBasic rules of behaviour in a Coworking, where the space is shared with more users and the rules of coexistence are indispensable part of day to day:

  1. Be social and cooperates with the rest. It is not just by pure self-interest, assist and cooperate will make you discover values that so far were hidden or subordinate to others such as competitiveness or competition. These spaces are often surprise you with brilliant people and new ideas, if you are installed on the housing and the rivalry, you'll only see enemies and lose opportunities for your business and personal growth.
  2. Obviously space is not a bar or a friends meeting space, although the rules are more flexible and coexistence is its strong must be respected not go beyond the physical space of the companion, and this includes space "ear and sound".
  3. Take care of the order of your space, be ordered in your space will not to waste time in having your table ready to go and get you going, some minimums are essential.
  4. Your peers are users of the space co-working, not are Secretaries personal yours. Try not to disturb your classmates with topics related to the logistics of space such as passwords, keys, phone, or office supplies. For all this you have to go to the responsible and staff of coworking space.
  5. In a space coworking is necessary to use headphones, so whether well because you work listening to music or your telephone conversations with your customers, it is essential to count on them.
  6. In the case of offices that allow sharing space for long time, it is convenient to get your own space, since that will prevent that you are continuously changing space and location. It is essential that your space is own and have your own habitat in coworking.
  7. Coworking permitting, it is good to use a group chat system to communicate with other users of the coworking.
  8. Finally and obviously have to respect the rules of the office, which are defined and established by the managers of coworking space.