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Online entrepreneurship workshop in Ireland

In order to support those who want to start a business in Ireland, Helpingnetworks has held an online workshop with the basic information to start your business adventure in Ireland. This workshop is also aimed at those who are considering Ireland as a destination to work as a freelancer, self-employed professional, or employed professional.

For this reason, we have held this webinar where we can offer two complementary perspectives. Firstly, the professional perspective of Inés, with extensive experience in training and coaching professionals, entrepreneurs, and self-employed in Ireland. And secondly, Miguel’s point of view gained from more than seven years of working experience with two Ltd companies in Ireland.

The online workshop lasted 8 hours over a span of two days, and you can access its content through this link:

In this webinar, which includes the basic information to start your business and entrepreneurship adventure in Ireland, we have tried to give a closer and more focused view of how to know the peculiarities that Ireland has for the Spanish, from the business point of view and from the social or work relationship point of view.

The content of the workshop is available at the following links on YouTube:


10 step guide

Communication and Networking

Pivot your business

Frequently asked questions

This workshop is co-financed by the D.G. of Migrations of the Government of Spain.