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Podcast of initiation to entrepreneurship and job search in Ireland

As you all surely know, a podcast is simply a customizable and downloadable radio program that can be mounted on a website or blog, even on popular platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud or Ivoox, among others.

For this reason, we put at your disposal a series of podcasts with the aim of supporting and supporting those who want to start a business in Ireland. These podcasts contain the basic information to start your business and entrepreneurial adventure in Ireland, this information is also aimed at those who are thinking of Ireland as a destination to work as a freelancer / freelance or employed.

The podcast format will allow you to access content anywhere and at any time, and you will always have it available through the platforms on which our podcasts will be available.

In our podcast you will find very useful information in your beginnings, from basic tips and a start guide, to advice to be able to pivot your business idea in these uncertain times, where it is very important to have sufficient capacity to adapt and detect new market niches and be able to adapt your structure to a changing and highly volatile environment due to the restrictions caused by COVID.

Finally, we want to emphasize Ireland as a country focused on entrepreneurs and with its own ecosystem for the development of new businesses and start-ups. Both in the podcast and in the Ebook also available on demand, you will be able to know the Irish public and private organizations that will be able to accompany you in the beginning through mentors or specific courses to undertake. In addition, they will not only support you through training resources, you will also have the possibility of having economic and financial support through private companies, private banks and public financing organizations.

You can access our podcast here:

The podcast content made available to you has been co-financed by the D.G. of Migrations of the Government of Spain.