EYE for Ukrainian

The Future of Ukrainian Entrepreneurship: Opportunities Abound

In a world where entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme stands out as a lighthouse of opportunity, especially for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. This unique initiative, part of the EU’s “Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME)” programme, is dedicated to fostering the cross-border exchange of entrepreneurial experience across the EU and associated countries, Ukraine included.

Gateway to Transformational Benefits

Participation in this programme is not merely an opportunity but a gateway to a wealth of benefits that can significantly transform an entrepreneur’s business journey. Here are five compelling reasons why joining the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme is a golden opportunity:

1. Practical Experience and Mentorship

The programme pairs new entrepreneurs with seasoned business owners in another country. This mentorship and side-by-side experience sharing are invaluable, offering fresh insights and practical knowledge on successfully running a business in Europe.

2. Innovation through Fresh Perspectives

By engaging with experienced entrepreneurs from diverse business cultures, Ukrainian entrepreneurs can gain new perspectives that invigorate business strategies and foster innovation.

3. Expansion of Business Contacts

Participation opens access to an extensive network of businesses across 27 EU member states and COSME countries. This network is crucial for establishing international contacts, exploring new markets, and potentially finding partners for future collaborations.

4. Start-up Support

The programme offers foundational support for start-ups and entrepreneurs, including counselling, information, and recommendations tailored to your business needs, crucial for navigating the early stages of development.

5. Financial Assistance

For participants in physical exchanges, the programme provides monthly financial assistance to cover basic costs, easing the financial burden of international exchange and allowing full focus on learning and growth opportunities.

Flexibility and Support in Challenging Times

The programme’s flexibility, offering physical, remote, and mixed exchanges, ensures that even in challenging times, such as the current situation in Ukraine, entrepreneurs can still participate and benefit. This adaptability ensures the spirit of entrepreneurship and cross-border collaboration continues to thrive, providing hope and practical support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Moreover, entrepreneurs who left Ukraine after 24/02/2022 and sought refuge in a European country can participate in the programme and engage in exchanges within their host country by applying through a Ukrainian local point.


EYE for Ukrainian application rules

Supporting Networks in Ireland

In Ireland, HelpingNetworks is ready to offer support and answer any questions for Ukrainian entrepreneurs looking to participate in the programme.

Conclusion: A Unique Opportunity for Growth

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme offers Ukrainian entrepreneurs an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their skills, expand their network, and gain a competitive edge in the European market. It’s a chance not just to grow your business but to be part of a larger, dynamic European business community. If you’re a Ukrainian entrepreneur with a vision for your business and a desire to learn and grow, this programme is designed for you. Join us and take your first step towards transforming your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.