Our journey began in 2015 with the aim of helping entrepreneurs like ourselves to find ways to achieve their dreams. We supported everyone who came to us and turned our office into a coworking space where we shared and learned from each other. In our quest to help those of us who share our spirit to create a reality aligned with our values, we coordinate and execute the European Coworking programme project led by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) in its 4th Edition.

Since 2019 we have developed the project “Advice and support for the promotion of self-employment and the improvement of the quality of life of the Spanish migrant-entrepreneur in Ireland”. This project was co-financed by the Directorate General of Government Migrations of Spain within the 2019 Call for Projects and Research, where we have developed and offered useful resources to start your entrepreneurship in Ireland such as: an entrepreneurship initiation webinar,an online entrepreneurship workshop and our Basic Entrepreneurship Guide. 

Currently, Europe has been our focus in order to work towards growing with you. Since 2020 we have been integrated into the European consortium of the Erasmus programme for young entrepreneurs. In Ireland, we are the point of contact in the management of this program. The philosophy of this program cannot be anymore in the line with our philosophy, the knowledge of two entrepreneurs come together, one with experience undertaking and the other eager to learn and with new knowledge. Exchange is a relationship of mutual growth that is not only beneficial professionally but also personally, and within the context of Europe.