Webinar of introduction to entrepreneurship in Ireland

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At Helpingnetworks we are committed to entrepreneurship and supporting all those who see Ireland as an interesting destination to start their business adventure. For this reason we have held this webinar where we can offer two complementary visions, on the one hand the professional vision of Inés, with extensive experience in training and coaching both professionals and entrepreneurs and self-employed in Ireland of Inés González, and on the other hand the vision more from the experience of more than seven years in Ireland and with two Ltd companies formed during this period.

In this webinar, which includes the basic information to start your business and entrepreneurship adventure in Ireland, we have tried to give a closer and more focused view of how to know the peculiarities that Ireland has for the Spanish, both from the business point of view and from social or work relationships. The best way to make them known is this webinar, an event less corseted than a workshop, and which allows the speakers to give a practical view of all the knowledge that is available on the web such as the workshop, Ebook, podcast, and others.

The webinar lasted approximately 1:30 minutes, and in it we have provided some basic guidelines that allow you to start your business project in Ireland, from general information about the country, as well as more specific information about entrepreneurship such as available resources, legal issues, aid, public and private organizations to go to, etc.

This webinar is co-financed by the D.G. of Migrations of the Government of Spain.